Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Toy review: "Lite Art Activity Cube" by Mega Brands

My daughter, 6, received the Lite Art Activity Cube as a gift. Her 4-year-old brother also wanted to play with it.

The first problem was that there were NO INSTRUCTIONS included for how to put it together. This is an issue when you have two antsy kids eager to play with it.
I was struggling with getting the various panels to snap together solidly when, after repeated attempts, I happened to look in a drawer and peaked underneath the colored bulbs and crayons. What do you know! screws. Using the screws helped, but after I got it together, I realized I should have installed the light bulb first (you need a light bulb of 25 watts or less, not included).

Then, after installing the light bulb and thinking I was done, I found I had a piece left over. Arrgh!

That extra piece was a clip that is supposed to hold a picture for tracing. Ha! Even after I installed it, there's no tension on the clip and very little chance that it will hold anything.

There are two drawers to hold the bulbs and crayons. Good idea. But for some reason the drawers catch and stick. How hard can it be to make drawers that slide easily in and out?


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