Saturday, September 2, 2017

Moore League: Who has the best girls tennis website?

Girls tennis doesn't get a lot of love in the Moore League, at least in terms of quality websites or Internet pages. Unlike my previous looks at football and baseball, none of the girls tennis teams in the Moore League have booster club-run websites.  And the school-based web pages for the teams are relatively modest -- or non-existent.

Still, Wilson and Lakewood highs have put together decent, if unspectacular, pages. Their team pages have most of the most important elements -- a current schedule, names and contact information for the coaches, and results.  They received the highest ratings in this year's review. At the bottom end of the rankings was Cabrillo High. 

Note: Websites change. The items I cite in this article were there at the time of this article, but they may have changed by the time you get there. 


Grade B+
The Lancers' girls tennis page is simple but to the point. There is a current schedule, the names of two coaches, and a table with the won-loss record for the team back to 2005. It has email links to contact both coaches. It has current results on the page, something none of the other schools offer.

Supplementing that page, is a general tennis page, for both boys and girls. This has some out-of-date information, but also has bios of the coaches and some pictures.

The web presentation won't wow you, but it does convey much of information a parent or fan will be looking for.


Grade: B
The girls tennis page for the Wilson Bruins isn't visually fancy, but it includes a link to the current schedule near the top of the page. Also prominently featured is the head coach's name and email

The page also has a link to MaxPreps for match results. It seems odd that the team is, in effect, out-sourcing the reporting of results, but it's better than not having any scores available at all.

There are several outdated elements on the page, including a link to now-past Summer Camp information at the very top.

Grade: D
The Millikan girls tennis page is conflicted, alternately referring to the team as "Tennis - Women" and "Girls 2017 Tennis." Not only do the page creators appear to be unsure which gender term to use, they also seem to misunderstand what sport they're dealing with -- the most prominent item on the page refers to lacrosse ("Lacrosse is coming to Millikan"). 

The page does include a current schedule, but no results. There is an outdated link to summer camp and one other link to the "Athletic Packet." That's it. The name of the coach -- or anyone a parent could contact -- is not listed.  There are no pictures or roster.

There is a new Millikan Athletics website that seems to have some link to the school, but the girls tennis page there is blank.


Grade: D+
Go to the Compton High School page and click on athletics. Four sports are listed. Click on "Girls Tennis" and you'll get the team's current schedule. And that's it. That's the entire Compton girls tennis page.

There's no indication who the coach is, or any way to contact someone to ask for more information about the team.  There's no place for results. There are no pictures or roster.

At least the schedule is current.


Grade: D-
Jordan doesn't have a page for its girl tennis team, though it does have one for its boys team.  It does have a general "tennis" page, but it has almost nothing on it. There's no schedule, no results, no roster. There is a link to a "Summer Tennis Schedule" that is seven years out of date. The name of the girls coach is remarkably well-hidden --  you'll only see it if you go to the end of a minute-and-a-half video with the ungrammatical title, "I wish I can play tennis."

Long Beach Poly

Grade: D-
The Poly girls tennis page comes oh so close to an F. Honestly, looking at this page, I began to question whether the Jackrabbits even have a girls tennis team (they do). The page contains a year-old schedule, but not a current one. The only thing that keeps this site from flunking is that it does show the name of the coach and a link for emailing him.  There is nothing else on the page.


Grade: F
Cabrillo has a girls tennis team, but no website or web page.

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