Monday, November 4, 2013

Another lawbreaker: Avenue No. 3 Pizza & Subs

Careful readers of this blog are there any? will recall that about a week ago I discovered that my local Ampm mini-market was breaking California law by charging customers extra to use a credit card.

I thought this was pretty unusual, but just the other day I stumbled upon another business breaking the law: Avenue No. 3 Pizza & Subs in Long Beach, California.

When I tried to pay for my order, the woman behind the counter told me they charge 50 cents extra to use a credit card. When I told her that was against the law, she shrugged her shoulders and said, "Well, I guess everybody's breaking the law then."

Nice the "everybody's doing it, so it must be OK" defense. Oh, and by the way, everybody's not doing it.

I know that 50 cents isn't much, but the growth of these sort of "nuisance fees" is annoying and they do add up. And, again, this particular fee is illegal. 

I reported this business to the California attorney general's office.

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