Saturday, December 28, 2013

Review of eBay seller kianne0709 (RPG Enterprise)

If you have shopped for electronics on eBay or other online sites, you may have come upon a seller known as "kianne0709."  Kianne0709 is actually RPG Enterprise, which is based in Addison, Illinois.

A few weeks ago, I bought a used iPod Touch from Kianne0709 on Ebay. The transaction did not go well.

After my purchase on Dec. 13, I received notice that the package had shipped and would arrive no later than Dec. 20. This was good, since this was to be a Christmas present.

But when the package had still not arrived as of Dec. 22, I emailed Kianne0709 to inquire. They blamed the delay on the Postal Service and told me to wait.

But tracking information, which I checked later, told a different story: In fact, the package was not mailed until Dec. 22, after I had contacted them.

In short, they lied about the package having been shipped, and then tried to blame someone else.

The package didn't arrive until after Christmas. While I won't say it "ruined" the holiday, the lack of this key gift was certainly a negative.

When I emailed Kianne0709 and asked for compensation for the late mailing, they did not respond.

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