Monday, December 2, 2013

Flight review: Flying Delta from Long Beach to Salt Lake City

Complaining about airlines and air travel has become so common that the real news is when a trip goes well.

My family had this rare experience with Delta Airlines this past weekend when we traveled round-trip between Long Beach, California, and Salt Lake City.

Though this was the heavily traveled Thanksgiving weekend with high potential for long lines and delays both flights went smoothly with barely a hitch.

Check-in was easy in both directions. In Long Beach, Delta workers started taking our bags while I was still checking in at the kiosk, and by the time our boarding passes were done printing out, the only thing left to do was to show my ID, then head to the gate.

Security went quickly (kudos to the Transportation Security Agency for adequate staffing), and both flights left and arrived on time. Our luggage came out quickly.

The only small thing that bothered me was that, at the Salt Lake airport, our flight was one of three Delta planes leaving at almost the same time from the same boarding area. This caused a bit of crowding and line confusion.

Still, that was a minor blemish on an otherwise pleasant traveling experience. One of the bonuses of a smooth flight is that it tends to keep all the passengers in a decent mood. Indeed, our fellow travelers were patient and courteous.

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