Monday, September 23, 2013

Book review: "Woodrow, the White House Mouse"

The artwork in "Woodrow, the White House Mouse" is fairly unsophisticated (in fact, in some places, it's pretty amateurish), but the clever story and cute mice make up for it.

It's intriguing to watch how authors Cheryl Shaw Barnes and Peter Barnes manage to describe the president's constitutional duties in easy-to-follow rhyming verses.

Against long odds, they do it. For instance: "The president is required to study each 'bill' / That Congress delivers from Capitol Hill / If he signs it, a bill becomes law it's approved / If he gives it a 'veto,' it's rejected, removed."

My kids love to find their favorite mice, which sometimes are slightly hidden on the page. I like the thought that they are learning even just a little bit.

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