Thursday, September 19, 2013

Book review: "Raising a Team Player" by Harry Sheehy

"Raising a Team Player" delivers solid, sometimes inspiring, advice to help coaches and parents lay a foundation of values for young athletes. Author Harry Sheehy explains the importance of teaching kids teamwork, integrity, goal setting, and the benefits of hard work. He emphasizes that players have to learn how to handle both wining and losing graciously.

"Character is revealed after a loss," Sheehy writes, adding, "If you can help kids look at losing as an opportunity to improve, you can help them make dramatic strides."

Sheehy draws on his experiences as a college basketball player and coach to illustrate his points with good examples.

A couple of caveats: This book is probably best for coaches and parents of kids 10 years old and up (younger children are not ready for Sheehy's lessons). Also, the final chapter, called "Enthusiasm," should be moved up I suggest reading it somewhere in the first half of the book, where it would fit better.

This isn't a book that has to be read all at once it could be valuable as sort of a reference book. When you run into issues related to youth sports, whether as a coach or a parent, you can turn to this book for perspective and a reminder of core values.


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