Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book review: "First Book of Sushi" by Amy Wilson Sanger

This is a fun twist on your typical children's book. It's got colorful pictures and whimsical rhymes, but the funniest part is the subject matter sushi.

For example:
I'll take yellowtail hamachi
and a red maguro slice.
Big, BIG futomaki has so many grains of rice!

I'm sure my kids, ages 4 and 5, don't understand exactly what what's being talked about (and sometimes I don't either). But there's a pleasant pace to the rhymes and the words are fun to say out loud ("tekka maki" and "kappa maki" sound a bit like the nonsense phrases of Dr. Seuss).

Be sure to notice that the last line of the story is actually on the back of the book. The first couple times I read it to my kids I didn't see that, and the book seemed to come to a puzzlingly abrupt end.

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