Friday, January 7, 2011

Why Auburn will win the BCS championship

Auburn and Oregon both head into Monday's college football championship with undefeated records and high-powered offenses. While both teams will have big moments to add to their season highlights, here's why Auburn will win:

  • Oregon has frustrated opponents all season by frequently using a no-huddle offense, a rarely seen tactic. During the season, teams have just one week to prepare for this, but Auburn has had five. The Tigers will be ready for the no-huddle.
  • In a close game, having a reliable kicker could be the difference. Oregon has had so many blowouts this year that kicker Rob Beard hasn't been called on to make a pressure field goal or extra point all season. Auburn kicker Wes Byrum, on the other hand, has provided the winning points in three close victories.
  • Auburn has had a cascade of hard-fought games this year. The Tigers came from 24 points behind to beat Alabama, beat Clemson in overtime, defeated Kentucky on the last play of the game and scored 28 points in the fourth quarter to beat Arkansas. The experience of playing in a close game with time running out could be decisive. 
    Forecast: Auburn 40, Oregon 31


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    1 comment:

    1. OK, I was little off on the score (Auburn 22, Oregon 19). But I don't think anyone thought that these two high-powered offenses would only score 39 points between them (the other two points were from a safety).

      Still, I did pick the winner and all the points in my post were a factor in the game. Oregon failed to befuddle Auburn with its fast-paced offense. Auburn's experience in close games helped them maintain their poise as the clock wound down. And Auburn's fire-tested kicker, Wes Bynum, was cool and collected as he hit the winning field goal.