Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Joining LA Fitness: Exercise in frustration

I just signed up online with LA Fitness, the health club.  After I completed my registration, it took me to a page with an ad saying:

"Add Family Members or Friends Online Today" 

Do you see the word "online"?
Hey, perfect, I thought. My wife wants to join, too. And signing up online should be easy.

But before I could sign her up, I had to establish an online account with LA Fitness. Following the prompts, I selected a username and a password and pressed enter.

 Error! "Passwords must be at least six characters."

OK, so I entered a six-letter password.

Error!  "Passwords must be a combination of letters and numbers."

OK, so I entered a password with a combination of letters and numbers.

Error!  "Username is taken."

Here's a crazy thought: How about giving me all three messages the first time?

Finally, I found an acceptable username/password combination. I was now ready to sign my wife up online.

Not so fast.

"Please contact your local club for assistance in adding a family member to your account."

Ultimately, it took three phone calls and separate in-person visits by my wife and myself in order to get this "online" deal.   

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  1. it worked today i kept until i found a number 1903171 THX.. no fee just the 29.99