Thursday, January 16, 2014

What days of the week were the presidents born on?

More U.S. presidents have been born on Thursdays and Saturdays than on other days of the week. While eight presidents have been born on each of those days, only three have been born on a Wednesday.

Sunday: 5
Monday: 7
Tuesday: 7
Wednesday: 3
Thursday: 8
Friday: 5
Saturday: 8

President and day of birth

George Washington: Friday
John Adams: Sunday
Thomas Jefferson: Saturday
James Madison: Tuesday
James Monroe: Friday
John Quincy Adams: Saturday
Andrew Jackson: Sunday
Martin Van Buren: Thursday
William Henry Harrison: Tuesday
John Tyler: Monday
James Polk: Monday
Zachary Taylor: Wednesday
Millard Fillmore: Tuesday
Franklin Pierce: Friday
James Buchanan: Saturday
Abraham Lincoln: Sunday
Andrew Johnson: Thursday
Ulysses S. Grant: Saturday
Rutherford B. Hayes: Friday
James Garfield: Saturday
Chester Arthur: Monday
Grover Cleveland:  Saturday
Benjamin Harrison: Tuesday
William McKinley: Sunday
Theodore Roosevelt: Wednesday
William Howard Taft: Tuesday
Woodrow Wilson: Sunday
Warren Harding: Thursday
Calvin Coolidge: Thursday
Herbert Hoover: Monday
Franklin Roosevelt: Monday
Harry Truman: Thursday
Dwight Eisenhower: Tuesday
John F. Kennedy: Tuesday
Lyndon Johnson: Thursday
Richard Nixon: Thursday
Gerald Ford: Monday
Jimmy Carter: Wednesday
Ronald Reagan: Saturday
George H.W. Bush: Thursday
Bill Clinton: Monday
George W. Bush: Saturday
Barack Obama: Friday

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