Saturday, January 25, 2014

How to get Mozy to back up your videos

If you use Mozy to back up you computer files, you should be aware that the service does not automatically back up video files.

In a computer crash, you could lose all your videos permanently.
There's two ways to get Mozy to back up your videos. One is to open MozyHome and manually select the files you want backed up. But that's a tedious process, and you'll have to keep doing it each time you add new videos to your computer.

Here's how to have Mozy automatically save your videos:

1. Open MozyHome and click on settings

2. Click on "Backup sets."

3. In the left hand pane, you will see a list of your current backup sets. It might say, for example, "documents" and "photos."  Move the cursor to white space below those items, and right click.

4. You will see "Add backup set." Click on it.

5. Click on "add a rule."

6. Choose "include" and "file type." Then enter in the box the file extensions you want to back up, putting a space between multiple types.  For example: AVI MOV

7. Be sure to check a box to designate where Mozy should look for these files the C drive, for instance.

8. Give the set a name and click OK. You're done.

Keep in mind that videos tend to be large files, so they'll take up a large share of you Mozy storage space.

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