Monday, October 15, 2012

The Stupid Files: Lowe's keeps you guessing

The Stupid Files are where we take note of all things, well, stupid. Today, we have three items.

First up is Lowe's, the hardware store. If you have a gift card from this retailer and you want to determine the balance, you might do a search online and come to this Lowe's page that tells you, "If you already have a Lowe's Gift Card and want to check your balance, you can do so online." Uh, OK. But where online?  There's no link to a page where you can the balance, nor any other indication where to go.

Next up is Long Beach Futsal, an indoor soccer facility. If you wanted to arrange to use this facility, you would logically come to their "Parties and Field Rental" page. The page encourages you to "CALL NOW TO BOOK A PARTY OR FIELD RENTAL."  But for all that allcaps enthusiasm, there's one problem: There's no phone number on the page.

Finally, there's a Los Angeles Times story on a high school football game that says, "It was the fourth consecutive season the Crespi-Notre Dame game had ended on the final play." Um, call me crazy, but doesn't every football game end on the final play?  That's why it's called the final play.

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