Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: Adobe Car Rental in Costa Rica

Last summer, my family visited Costa Rica and rented a four-wheel-drive SUV from Adobe Car Rental. I was a little apprehensive going in, having never heard of this company before, but our experience with Adobe was fantastic.

First, a gentleman from Adobe delivered the car to our hotel near the San Jose airport. Not only did he show up exactly on time, but he carefully went over all the car's features with me. I've never had such careful service renting cars in the United States, or one time in Italy. After I explained our driving plans, he even drew me a map showing where we would exit the highway. This turned out to be important, because there was no sign.

We were to turn the car in three days later in the town of La Fortuna, but I had to work out the details with the local office. The Adobe office in La Fortuna is in the center of town, but slightly hidden among some other buildings behind the main street. After we found it, I talked to the young man there and we agreed I would drop the car off the next morning.

I got a little worried when he wasn't there on time the next day, but after 20 minutes he showed up, checked out the car and even drove me back to our hotel. I hadn't expected that; I thought I'd have to take a cab.

One final thing: You know how tough it is to figure out the REAL price of your rental car?  No matter what you're quoted, there always seem to be extra taxes and fees, right?  In this case, Adobe told me the price would be $70 a day, for three days.  And in the end, that's EXACTLY what it was: $210.  No hidden fees or charges.


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