Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Book review: "The Wimpy Kid Moive Diary" by Jeff Kinney

Let's not blow this out of proportion, but "The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary" is pretty good.

This book shows how the movie "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" was made, using a mixture of pictures, drawings and text.

I'm not saying this is great literature, but it's fun to read and you do learn some things about how movies are made. For instance, remember the gross, moldy cheese that lies on the playground in the movie and is the focus of the dreaded "cheese touch"? The filmmakers put a lot of effort to make sure that cheese looked properly gross and moldy.

There's good stuff about how the clothing ("costumes") were chosen to reflect each characters personality and how they used a few computer tricks to do certain shots.

There is a "cheerleader" element to this book. You're not going to learn any dirt about arguments or temper tantrums on the set.  They want you to like the movie, the actors and the crew.

Still, it's an enjoyable book and the blending of the pictures and cartoons with the text is nicely done.

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