Monday, July 6, 2015

How travel agency Vayama misled me

When I booked a flight on two months ago, the reservation, unbeknownst to me, was directed to Vayama, an online travel agency that apparently operates behind the scenes with Kayak. 

Vayama just sent me an email asking how I enjoyed their service. Thanks for asking, Vayama. Here goes: 

Vayama is nearly impossible to reach by phone. That, by itself, would be enough to warrant an F rating. But that's not the worst.

After making my plane reservations, I emailed Vayama with this question:

I booked a flight for my family through Kayak and Vayama into London (Heathrow) on Virgin Atlantic. That is all fine, but I have a related question. After arriving in Heathrow we want to immediately fly to Paris. Virgin Atlantic tells me that if the connecting flight is on British Airways (and only British Airways) then our luggage can be directly transferred to the London-to-Paris flight.

My question: How do I make a reservation for the London-to-Paris leg so the two flights are "linked'?  Can I just reserve the second leg on my own?  Should I do it through you folks?

Here's the response I got from Vayama's "Stephanie":

Please go ahead and make the reservation yourself, and then let us know your new flight information and we can pass it through to the airlines to make sure that these two flights are linked, and that your luggage is correctly transferred.

So I did EXACTLY what Vayama told me to do -- I made the reservation myself. But when I tried to have Vayama link the two flights I got a completely different story:

As your second booking was not booked through Vayama, unfortunatley we don't have access to it.

Though I was precisely following Vayama's advice, they refused to help me. This left me and my family in a situation where we would likely miss our flight connection.
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