Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Want a deal on joining L.A. Fitness? Call Paul

For five years, people have been coming to this blog looking for tips on how to get a good deal joining L.A. Fitness. Deals and discounts come and go. Here is my current advice: Call Paul at (786) 312-8299.

Paul is a manager at an L.A. Fitness in Florida, and a couple readers say that Paul is able to offers good deals, even for those that don't live in that area.

One reader said:

I lived in Florida i went in to one of the locations to sign up i was offered the 99/29 a month which is not a bad rate for everything they offer, while i engaged in a conversation with the sales person i told him where i worked he looked on his system and told me i was elegible to do a corporate rate i was very surprise this young man didnt wanted to sell me the higher rate since i learned they only care about commission, the gentleman told me is the right thing to do and that the best way to pay him was with referrals and since then i've send at least 5 people to him and he always gives them the best rate available ,he even tells them to wait to certain day to get the best deal i like his sincerity and if this helps here is his number 7863128299 His name is Paul he is the General Manager.  Also my nephew lives in NJ and he was able to do a membership for him.

Another reader took the advice and it worked well for him:

Hello:) im so happy i dint have to go thru the hustle to get a membership i called paul like the guy above said and he send me an email with multiple rates and i was able to join with no problem i paid 0 initiation only $34 a month and added extra $20 a month and im able to bring my husband and daughter to the gym with me every time i go , great deal im so happy thank you call paul if any question call him 7863128299.

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  1. Don't look for promo code or call corporate! Save your time!
    JUST SIMPLY CALL MR. PAUL at 786-312-8299. He doesn't play number games. He cuts to the chase and give you a lowest membership fee with NO initiation fee. This guy is so nice, honest and down to earth! Even after I signed up with him, he still cared enough to give me good advice about how to work out effeciently.
    It doesn't matter where / which state you live in. He can sign up anybody!

  2. This guy is the man. I mean it seemed like several people already called him and he knows this blog exists, but he really does help you regardless which state you are in. I guess it is kind of odd how he helps everyone but he doesn't get any benefits (like he gets no commission?) but he helped me out!

  3. Just called paul and had success. If he doesn't answer at first send him a text message.

  4. So you all are telling me you are giving your credit card number over the phone to a guy that supposedly works at L.A. Fitness.. This seems iffy, how are you even signing your membership agreement over the phone...

  5. Great Guy was able to help me out with a good rate ,was able to work out next day with no problem. ��

  6. Called Paul today. He hooked me up with a good rate. Totally legit, he walks you through the La Fitness website and provides you with a rate ID that gives you the discount.

  7. Got in contact with paul and was able to do a good membership access to all the clubs, it was a simple process done thru a specific La fitness website thanks!

  8. So happy!! i was able to reach him and it actually worked got a great discount and it was a very easy process thank you guys :)

  9. Reached paul and it was plain and simple he gave me a run down of all the plans being offered and finally i was able to join with out the sales pitch got great rate by the way it also depends on the type of club you'll be using , strongly recommended.

  10. So do you give him the info over the phone or what?

    1. I was skeptical, but just giving my name he pulled all my info that I had at LA Fitness from my previous membership, even the guests I used to have. A crook will not have all those details in a matter of seconds. So its the real deal. Not a scam.

  11. Went to my near la fitness gym and the prices were very different than what i heard , i decided to call the number on this blog and after 3 calls later was able to reach paul and bingo!!! Was offered multiple plans and i chose the prepaid option since it would be the cheapest option in the long term and did a monthly for my daughter quick process got multiple confirmations , it was worth the shot! now let me go loose some weight.

  12. I am a returning LAF member. I used to pay $89 for three memberships, I wanted to go back but did not want to pay the $99 initiation plus $25 for each new member added ( Me, wife and son) - I called Paul and I was a little skeptical since I got the phone number from here...but he hook me up! I did not paid any initiation fee, and he gave me a deal where my wife and my son can go with me anytime they want as a lifetime guest (we always go together anyways ) and I paid way less I was paying for the 3 of us.

    Paul is the man! NO initiation fee, paying a little over 1/2 of what I was paying before for the same number of people

  13. I am also a returning member, I live in the Los Angeles area. I had the zero initiation but was paying $39.95 for the past 12 months. I asked them if they could reduce the rate, and the club declined, and I cancelled my membership. I got fat in the past 3 months thinking I could work out at home, and just couldn't do it. I called their corporate number today and the guy wouldn't budge. I called just now (it's around 3PM PST) and immediately reached Paul by finding his number here, and he pulled up all my info. He was able to drop the $99 to half, and offer me the $29.95, but he couldn't waive it. He did say it was $34.95 a month with zero down. I ended up buying a $720 for 3 years, at a renewal of $219 per year promotion that they had going, since going to LA fitness is basically a part of my life now. Paul said he had never seen the promotion this low before, as it's normally $900 for the 3 years and $249 renewal. Even though I didn't get exactly what I wanted, I think I ended up with a great deal from a very knowledgeable guy that was up front and honest with me.

  14. This is bogus. There is no more $0 initiation and $29.95 per month. Whatever special that was with Mr. Whoever is now gone. LA Fitness corporate has now increased their online "special" to $31.95 per month with a $99 initiation. No thanks.

  15. I got in contact wit MR Paul im in Georgia and was able to get a break in most of the downpayment works for me definitely worth the try.

  16. A gave Paul a call and this dude told me what were the best packages and he helped me on buying two years get one free at the end it makes sense a bit pricey at the beginning but saving in the long runs is what i look for and after that i get to continue for like 180 a year you cant match that!

  17. Gave him a call and Got all the info i need it no hustle whatsoever thanks

  18. Told me to call him on black friday for the promotional rates that he is getting ��