Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Briefly: The life of Henry M. Paulson, Jr.

Henry M. Paulson Jr.

  • 1967: As a football lineman at Dartmouth College, he is named all-Ivy League and wins an NCAA scholar-athlete fellowship
  • 1968: Earns bachelor's degree in English
  • 1970: Earns MBA at Harvard
  • 1970-72: Serves as an assistant to the secretary of defense
  • 1972-73: On staff of the White House Domestic Council, under President Nixon
  • 1974: Joins Goldman Sachs
  • 1977: Named vice president of Goldman Sachs
  • 1982: Becomes a partner of the firm
  • 1994: Named chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs
  • 1998: Named co-chief executive officer
  • 1999: Named sole chief executive officer and chairman

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