Thursday, October 9, 2014

The American Airlines E-Rewards fake-out: When 250 equals zero

If you're in the American Airlines frequent flier program and looking to pick up a few extra miles, or at least keep your miles from expiring, you might be tempted to sign up for E-Rewards.

After all, on American's website, it says: "Earn 250 miles for enrolling in e-Rewards." That sounds pretty straightforward, right?

Wrong. In fact, the actual number of miles you get for enrolling in E-Rewards is ... zero.

How do I know?  I tried it. I enrolled in E-Rewards and waited, fruitlessly, for my miles to appear. When they didn't, I complained, and that's when E-Rewards told me that you have to complete one of their "surveys" to get miles. I repeatedly pointed out that that is not what the site says, but they wouldn't budge.

In short, E-Rewards is just another borderline-scam site that lures you in with promises and reneges on the deal.  Avoid it.

UPDATE, Feb. 18, 2015: E-Rewards is no longer listed on as a participant in the American Airlines frequent flier program.

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