Wednesday, September 10, 2014

EZ Macros ate my files

Do you like doing the same work over and over ... and over? Of course not. That is why for years I have used a program called EZ Macros.

EZ Macros is a program that has allows you to record a set of specific keyboard and mouse actions, and then recall those later with a shortcut.

Let's say you need to frequently need to send emails that say "Your order has been shipped." Rather than typing that each time you could just hit, say alt-y, and the phrase would be automatically typed and the email sent.

I have liked EZ Macros so much that since buying it for the first time in 2008, I have three times renewed my registration at a price of $34.95 each time.

That's why I'm so disappointed in recent developments.

About two months ago, as I started up my computer, I got this message:

"EZ Macros detected that your macros are not compatible with this version. You will need to re-record your macros."

Sure enough, all of my 20 or so macros were gone. Completely gone. I was baffled by the error message. "Not compatible with this version" of what?

After fruitlessly trying to recover the macros, I gave up and started re-recording them. Then I got the same error message, and again everything was gone.

I uninstalled EZ Macros and downloaded a new, trial, version. Since doing so, I've gotten the message of death twice more.

The most troubling element of this is the response I've received from the maker of EZ Macros, American Systems, and its owner, Matt Porter.

I emailed Porter and got no response. I found other addresses on the American Systems website, and tried them. I got no response.

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