Sunday, March 23, 2014

President Obama and "mom jeans:" What the ...??

Do you ever hear or read something that is so inherently strange that you feel like you've dropped into a parallel universe?  Something where each word is recognizable, but when you put it all together it sounds like a foreign language?

This happened to me today when I was listening to the radio quiz show, "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on NPR. Host Peter Seigel brought up the subject of President Obama wearing "mom jeans."

"He's been repeatedly criticized, President Obama has, for his jeans," Seigel said, including "mom jeans" he wore to one event. All the panelists on the show giggled knowingly about this, but my reaction was simply: Huh???

First, I follow the news. We get three daily newspapers at my house. I read the news in paper form and online, and I listen to the news on the radio. Yet, I have never heard even one tiny mention of the president and his jeans. How is it that he's been "repeatedly criticized" and I've never heard about it?

Second, even if I missed this and apparently I have when did the president's pants become a matter of public discussion? Really? This is what people talk about?

Finally, what the hell are "mom jeans"?

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