Monday, August 5, 2013

One-hand dexterity at airport security

A reader writing to the Hints From Heloise column suggested five ways airline passengers could move more quickly through airport security. Four of the suggestions are fine, but the fifth one is a head-scratcher:
"Do not stop on the other side of the X-ray to reassemble your belongings."

Huh?? Don't stop? Just leave your stuff behind? Well, I guess that would speed things up. Although TSA would soon see quite a backlog of those gray trays filled with miscellaneous stuff.

Or perhaps the writer means you shouldn't put your things back together. How would that be possible?

If you follow suggestion No. 3 -- "Have your ID and security document in your hand, ready to go" -- you already have one hand occupied. You've also got two shoes, sometimes a laptop, a cell phone, perhaps a backpack or a purse, maybe a belt, keys. Sometimes they even make you take out your wallet, passports, money belt and random papers and put those in a bin. And now you're supposed to pick it all up with one hand?

See the column here.

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