Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to tick off your customers the My Lifetouch way

My Lifetouch, a website for purchasing school photos, has a unique three-step process for ticking off its customers. Pay attention here's what to do: 

First, make it impossible for customers to do a simple one-time purchase. They must create an account first.

Second, when customers try to order pictures, include one field My Lifetouch uses "country" that is grayed out so that nothing can be entered in it. Then require customers to enter something in that field. Make it impossible to move forward.

Third, when customers call your help line during hours it claims to be open, answer with a recording and then hang up on them. Every time.

One, two, three it's a simple plan that My Lifetouch seems to have perfected.
That may be why, when you email them, they say, "We're proud of our accomplishments."


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