Friday, December 7, 2012

Lame website of the week: National Junior Basketball of Long Beach

Suppose you're a parent in Long Beach, Calif., and you're considering putting your child in the local National Junior Basketball league .

As you visit the group's website, you might have a few questions, such as: How many games will there be? Where will practices be and when? How many practices will there be a week? How long does the league run? Are the teams co-ed, or are there separate teams for girls?

NONE of those questions are answered on the website, and what's worse, there is absolutely no way to ask them. There's no phone number, no email address, no contact form.

If you're wondering who runs the league, too bad, because there are no names at all on the site, even on the "About Us" page.

The site does offer a way for you to give them money, however.


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  1. you are absolutely right but I did not consider these things before I gave them my money. Now I cant seem to get in contact with anyone to get the game schedule and to make matters worse no one has contacted me

    1. That's terrible. After some searching, I did find a phone number for NJB's "Southern California Headquarters": Tel: 714-765-6567. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks for the lead. I have to make sure that this site is taken down before someone else gets taken advantage of. I only trusted the site because my oldest son played for years for NJB Long Beach. I guess alot has changed over the last five years