Saturday, January 28, 2012

Book review: "Ice Bound: A Doctor's Incredible Battle For Survival at the South Pole"

This book by Jerri Nielsen slowly drew me in. By the end, it fell into the can't-put-it-down category. I really liked the descriptions of life at the South Pole (the difficulties of living there were far beyond what I imagined), and became caught up in Nielsen's battle with cancer.

There were a few things I might quibble about: Nielsen's relationship (or lack of relationship) with her ex-husband and children hangs mysteriously in the background without resolution. Clearly, there's more going on there than she explains. Also, in describing life at the station, she seems to overemphasize the parties. At times you wonder: Aren't these people there to do some work?

Still, it's a compelling story driven by colorful characters, day-to-day dramas, and the cancer and eventual rescue that you know is coming at the end.

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